Monday, December 23, 2013

International Purple Hijab and Kufi Day 2014 Baitul Salaam Network, Inc. Standing in Global Solidarity!

International Purple Hijab and Kufi Day 2014 Baitul Salaam Network, Inc.
This is an event that happens all over the world, in shaa Allah. We encourage people to take the time to reflect on why we have Muslim women, children and some men dying due to problems in their homes. Our organization has a verified list of about 50 Muslims (to include children) who have been lost due to violence in Muslim homes in the US. I know the number is not alarming to some however just think we have the Quran that clearly teaches against violence on all levels. If our homes are not safe what do we have left?

Domestic Abuse is just another way the shayton attacks those who believe in Allah (God) and his messengers (Adam-Muhammad). It hurts productivity in our community. It causes problems in our Muslim schools. It hinders us in our propagation of Islam. One of the most ugly stereotypes is that Islam gives men the right to beat their wives, etc. We can stop this misconception today by showing that Muslims overall do not believe this way or act this way.

As we develop the local program we will post more information, in shaa Allah. Start thinking about your program/activity. When you set your date, time and location send us the details so we can post it here and help you promote it, in shaa Allah.

Men are invited to this event so wear your purple socks, jackets, ties, kufis, etc.
Dress to impress the World and bring much needed attention and awareness for true Peace in the home! Standing in Global Solidarity! 

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